Youth & Environment

Why be concerned about the Environment?
What are some initiatives the government has implemented to preserve Windsor Essex’s Environment?
What can YOU do?
What are some resources for youth?

Why Be Concerned About Environment?

Our environment is a fragile system made up of many interworking components, which have already been crippled due to human activity. It is essential for youth to be concerned about where they live, and how their everyday decisions affect their surroundings. Without youth committed to the protection of the environment, it is at risk of being systematically destroyed.

  • The following are some examples that are the result of a lack of environmental protection.
  • Increased rate of species extinction due to dramatic changes in natural ecosystems and biodiversity
  • Increased rate of sea level rise which poses a serious risk to coastal lines. Millions of people in low lying coastal areas are at risk of flooding and storms
  • Increased water shortage in already water-scarce nations due to loss of glaciers, reduced precipitation and increased evaporation
  • Reduced crop yield in tropical and sub-tropical regions which will disrupt the food supply and demand
  • Increased risk of irreversible climate changes
  • Impact on human health due to changed climate conditions
    • Growing rate of respiratory illnesses and various types of cancer

Windsor Initiatives

The following are some great initiatives in Windsor that focus on protecting our environment.

Ojibway Nature Centre

Ojibway park is a nature reserve located in South West Windsor. The park features a beautiful lake, hiking and biking trails, open space, and the new Ojibway Nature Centre. The Nature Centre, which was developed out of locally sourced materials, has been recognized as a potential LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Gold Candidate.

The Green Corridor

The Green redevelopment of the international bridge corridor connecting Canada to the U.S. stretches 2 kilometers in length and is a municipal project spearheaded by the University of Windsor. The corridor represents a commitment to engage local and international visitors with environmentally aware, multi-faceted ‘art and science’ public projects. Partnered with key stakeholders in the region- the City of Windsor, the University of Windsor, local area secondary schools, and industry and community interest groups- the project represents a multi-faceted approach to environmental sustainability and awareness.

David Suzuki Public School

Constructed in 2009, the Greater Essex County District School Board’s newest public school which serves grade 1-12 students, represents a brand new conceptualization combining construction, green space, education, and energy efficiency. The school ranks platinum on the LEED’s scale of energy efficiency.

Parks in Windsor

Did you know?

Windsor Parks and Recreation maintains 3000 acres of green space with over 215 Parks.

For more information on Windsor Parks check out:

What Can YOU Do?

  • Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!
  • Be informed! Look at your waste-collecting calendar to see what can’t and can be recycled
  • Government-approved methods for At Home, On the Road, At Work, At School, etc.
  • Volunteer or donate to Environmental Youth Alliance