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Did you know?

  • Youth unemployment rate is currently around 14% for Canada; the 2008 Recession drove the youth jobless rate to a 30 year high
  • The current unemployment rate for Windsor is 10.7% (March 2012)
  • Windsor’s Youth unemployment rate is approximately 20%.
  • Canadian unemployment rate sits currently around 7.3% for country overall so youth unemployment is twice the national rate.
  • Unemployment rate in Ontario for both males and females aged 15 to 24 was 15.4% (July 2011)
  • Nationally, unemployment peaked in 2009 at 20% youth unemployed and has been declining until stabilizing at around 14% now in 2011.
  • Young people that graduated into a recession face an average initial income shortfall of almost 10%.
  • It takes an average of ten years after graduation to overcome the initial damages.
  • Even the summer prior to 2008 recession there was 350,000 unemployed youth ages 15 to 24 with an unemployment rate of 12.4%. Still about double the national rate.
  • 300,000 seasonal jobs in summer of 2011, which was slightly higher than 2010 at 290,000 jobs for youth.
  • The rising cost of a post-secondary education has meant that many Canadian students are being forced to work all year and not just during the summer months. (Tuition has risen at about 7% since 1990).

* Statistics Canada Labour Force Information 2011

Need a Job? Useful Tips

In an economy where everyone is looking for work, it is more crucial than ever before to diversify your resume and make it stand out. Here are some tips that will put you above your peers:

  1. Volunteer Experience & Civic Engagement

    There is no negative aspect to getting involved in your community. Volunteering can give you great life experience, and can even help you develop marketable skills for future employment. It also demonstrates a sense of commitment, time management, and leadership qualities.

  2. Informational Interviews

    Talking to experienced professionals who can provide you with a general account of their day to day working environment can be very useful in deciding if a career is the right one for you. Preparing a list of questions is always important. Speak with someone you look up to, and ask if you can steal ten minutes of their time.

  3. Career & Job Fairs

    Job fairs are a great way to talk to prospective employers and promote yourself as a winning candidate. This is a great way for organizations and companies to converse with you casually, but also an opportunity for you to interview them.

  4. Networking

    Tell everyone and anyone that will listen you are looking for work. Keep your resume on hand, and let people know the type of position you are looking for. Attend networking events, and get to know professionals in your community.

  5. Accessing local employment services in Windsor

    There are hundreds of people who are paid to assist Windsorites in finding a job. This could be an employment counselor or facilitator, or may also be someone that can provide you with accurate information. They are there to help you – why not utilize the service?

  6. Secondary language training

    Having knowledge of a second language can be very beneficial on your resume. This is often expected from agencies who work with diverse populations or large companies that have international clients.

  7. International Experience

    Whether it be a cultural or academic exchange, there are many opportunities for young people to have an international experience where they can be immersed in a new culture, learn a new language, and meet new people.

Some Great Youth Employment Services in Windsor Essex

St. Clair College Youth Employment Services

The Student Employment Services office provides service to all graduates and enrolled students seeking employment. Its mandate is to provide information to assist students in finding permanent, part-time, temporary and seasonal employment.

  • Assistance with resume writing, job applications, interview skills, job search techniques, starting salaries and specific job descriptions.

Career Centre for Education, University of Windsor

The Centre for Career Education contributes to the holistic education of students and complements academic programs of study by supporting a wide range of career-related programs and resources with an emphasis on excellence in learning from experience. CCE guides students through the career development process including the exploration of personal workplace preferences and strengths, the development of career competencies, and the construction of a career plan.

New Beginnings Summer Jobs for Youth Program

Initiative of the Youth Opportunities Strategy, funded by the Ministry of Children and Youth Services. It was established to address factors that place youth at increased risk of engaging in anti-social behaviour and/or violence. The Summer Jobs for Youth Program is intended to give youth who reside in pre-identified underserved/”priority” neighbourhoods an opportunity to develop employment skills and obtain safe and positive employment experiences.

This program provides young people who are 15 – 18 years of age with summer job opportunities so they can get real work experience. The program is geared to youth who want to have their first job experience. It includes six weeks of paid employment in an area that matches their future career interest. As part of the program, youth receive pre-employment job readiness training that includes workplace certifications such as First Aid, CPR and WHMIS training and post-employment resume and interview support. In addition to gaining employment experience, participants have the opportunity to gain cooperative education credits to go towards their Ontario Secondary School Diploma.

Must reside in the following areas to be eligible:

Sandwich Towne- Postal Code “N9C”
City Centre- Postal Code “N9A”
Drouillard Road Area- Postal Code “N8Y”
Forest Glade- Postal Code “N8R”


City of Windsor Student and Youth Opportunities

Opportunities Include: Student Lottery, Summer Recreation Employment, etc.…

The Unemployed Help Centre of Windsor Inc.

  • Employment skills preparation, literacy/GED preparation courses, resume writing, job postings, etc
  • Must be 16 years old and out of school/work (no students)



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